A very majestic, strong, spacious and bright brick school was built in 1935. The city engineer A. Gargasas made the school project. P. Bliumas was appointed the head. The school teaching staff: P. Bielinienė, St. Milvydaitė, Meškelytė, Jonaitienė, K. Juozas, V. Žukauskienė. There were 10 sets (complements) of classes (grades) and 500 pupils.

In March 1939, when the Nazi invaded and occupied the Region of Klaipeda, the Pedagogical Institute was moved to the school.

It was a hospital during the war.

In 1943 the school was moved to Ramygalos Street.

On August 10th, Vladas Skurkis was appointed the head. There were 8 teachers and 300 pupils.

In 1945 the building was given back to the school. There were 360 pupils and 10 teachers.

In 1946 there was Panevezys Adult Gymnasium.

In 1949 V. Papinigienė was appointed the headteacher.

In 1962 the school was reorganized into the eight year school.

In 1965 a new wing of the school was built.

Poets P. Zablockas and St. Baleišienė worked in this school.

From 1972 Izabelė Banienė was the headteacher.

In 1981 eight year school was liquidated.

From 1981 the school was known as Pioneer House, night school, film library and Pupil House.

In 1990 Primary School was re-established. R. Charisova was appointed the headteacher. There were 14 sets (complements) of classes (grades), 304 pupils, 26 pedagogues.